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Earth Day is Everday!

Everyday we walk the trails closest to our home. The forest is our gym, it's a much needed disconnect to keep mentally well. But it's hard to relax when the woods is decorated by trash left behind by those not caring for themselves or their surroundings. 
Tonight, we decided to do something about it. Hi ho hi ho it's off to clean we go!!!
From past experience, if you don't clean the mess early, it gets worse over the weekend. Yeah it's not ours and we didn't cause this to happen but it has to be cared for in a timely manner.
While on our way to the spot,  we were greeted by another earth warrior with filled garbage bag in hand. We live in such an awesome neighbourhood of caring souls. We're all doing a little and it shows!!!
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Tonight we found the most needles, bands and empty cases than ever before. Is it because they are more available? 
Kids, animals, adults all enjoy this space... 
I don't have the answer but I know leaving this behind for later isn't it.
Even as we were leaving the woods, we saw someone walking into this space with ready needle hanging out of her mouth like a smoke. 
For now, it's clean!
Let's see what the weekend brings... 
4 bags later, couple blankets, and lots of cardboard.
Before and after...

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