🌙 Studio SHIM presents Lunar Bliss - an evening of creativity and connection with like-minded individuals! 🎶 

Join us on February 22, 2024, at 7:00 PM at the Fairmont United (free parking) for an unforgettable experience.
We have an amazing lineup of activities, including:
  • A Jay Shetty certified spiritual coach
  • Live music with a synth bath and ecstatic dance
  • Pass the paintbrush, community art piece where you can leave your mark
  • Plus, enjoy complimentary CAFEZIA COFFE and tea from THE TEA LOUNGE. Don't forget to bring your eco-friendly cup!
Our goal is to create a space for art, music, and comMOONity. We want to inspire and renew your spirit. Don't miss this unique experience.
Join us for an evening of Lunar Bliss for $33, 
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See you and yours on 2-22,
Shane & Kim, Studio SHIM

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Where Music, Art, and Healing Unite to Create a Positive Vibe

Welcome to the world of Lunar Bliss – a community-driven initiative that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting individuals to experience the magic of events without the need for alcohol or substances. At Lunar Bliss, we believe in creating a space where people can come together, share their unique talents, and build a community that is authentic, humble, and casual.

Embracing Sobriety and Well-being:

In a world where social events often revolve around alcohol, Lunar Bliss stands out by providing an alternative. Our commitment to sobriety is about creating a safe and supportive environment where individuals can thrive without the influence of substances. It's a conscious choice to focus on well-being and positive experiences.

Empowerment Through Talent Showcase:

Lunar Bliss is more than just events; it's a platform for individuals to shine. We encourage everyone to share their talents, whether it be through art, music, or healing practices. By doing so, we aim to empower individuals, boost their confidence, and contribute to a positive self-image.

Building an Authentic Community:

At the heart of Lunar Bliss is a commitment to building a genuine community. We want everyone to feel welcome. Our events are designed to be authentic, humble, and casual, fostering connections that go beyond the surface.

Supporting Local Venues for a Positive Impact:

Lunar Bliss isn't just about the events; it's about making a positive impact on the world around us. We actively support our community by renting and donating to local venues. This not only benefits the local economy but also creates spaces for our gatherings, enhancing the overall experience.

Uniting the ComMOONity:

Step into the world of Lunar Bliss, where the power of music, art, and healing unites the comMOONity. Our events go beyond – they are a celebration of creativity, a space for unity, and a journey towards self-discovery.

More Than a Social Enterprise – It's a Vibe:

In the heart of Lunar Bliss, you'll find a community that believes in the beauty of being a part of something supportive and creative. Come, experience the magic, and discover the joy of genuine connections in a space where everyone is welcome.