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Amethyst Pendant & Earring Set - Studio Shim

Studio Shim

Amethyst Pendant & Earring Set


Eco-Friendly earrings made from recycled magazines, amethyst, wire with many layers of non-toxic sealer. These earrings are water resistant but not waterproof. For example, it's OK to be caught in the rain but not advised to swim :) Length: 2", Weight: 1.5g/earring

Wired shell pendant with amethyst wrapped throughout. Looks great on a chain* or just string it up in a home or vehicle. Width: approx. 1", Length: 2.5", Weight: 9g

Amethyst from Northern Ontario & created by Kim in Studio Shim. 100% Canadian. 


Amethyst is the: 

  • Birthstone for Pisces and the month of February
  • Gemstone for the 6th anniversary of marriage.

Amethyst has been thought to have many attributes throughout history, and all of them are good.

  • The stone was thought to control evil thoughts, quicken intelligence, make a shrewd man in business, preserve soldiers from battle wounds, aid the warrior to victory, help the hunter in search of his game, protect the wearer from contagious diseases, and put demons to flight if the figure of a bear is inscribed on the jewel.
  • Amethyst was known as a gem that would bring forth the highest, purest aspirations of human kind. Chastity, sobriety, and control over one’s thoughts were all attributes heightened by wearing the stone.
  • The gem would guard against the anger of passion, and the violent or base nature of its wearer. The stone encouraged calm, bravery, and contemplation.

*chain not included.



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