Welcome to Lunar Bliss POLLINATE at Quiet Earth!

Prepare for a unique journey of self-discovery and community in the tranquil setting of Quiet Earth, Dorchester. This event promises an evening filled with experiences and moments.

* Step into our haven and soak in the serene atmosphere, guided by warm facilitators ready to lead you through an array of mindful activities designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

* The evening kicks off at 6:00 pm with "Pass the Paintbrush," a collaborative art project by KD Flowscapes. Join in and contribute to a masterpiece reflecting the collective energy of the gathering.

* At 7:00 pm, engage in the tranquil Transformative Waves with a Chakra Tuning Circle to experience harmonious vibrations that cleanse and restore balance to your energy centers.

* Following the Chakra Tuning at 7:45 pm, participate in "The Omni Being Experience," exploring Breath Cultivation techniques for enhanced vitality, clarity, and present-moment awareness.

* Move to the rhythm of an intuitive Synth Bath & Dance with TaToE & Friends at 9:00 pm, letting the music guide you in expressing yourself through dance.

* Finally, at 10:30 pm, come together around the flickering flames for Fire, Snacks & Social Hour. Share stories and laughter with fellow attendees, reflecting on the evening's experiences.

Lunar Bliss POLLINATE caters to various interests, whether you seek relaxation, inspiration, or alcohol, substance free meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Embrace the magic of Quiet Earth just as you are.

For any financial concerns or inquiries, please contact studioshim@gmail.com (e-transfer available).


See you soon at POLLINATE

Saturday, May 25th @ 6 pm

Quiet Earth, 1681 Hunt Rd, Dorchester, Ontario


Dān Andronescu - Breath Cultivation: The Omni Being Experience


At Lunar Bliss, Dan, an adept in breathwork and yoga for over 12 years, invites participants to an immersive journey towards gratitude, optimal breathing, and self-exploration. His session, integrating meditation and functional breathing, is designed not only to educate but also to enhance longevity, vitality, mental clarity, and deepen self-connection.

Dan’s path in breathwork and yoga has been marked by personal transformation and a commitment to sharing these empowering practices. He has led breathwork sessions at various retreats and festivals, captivating audiences of over 80 participants, and has trained more than 80 instructors. His expertise lies in creating a space where collective energy and introspection thrive.

Beyond facilitating large groups, Dan’s passion lies in fostering tools for self-discovery and integration. He believes in sharing and activating the remembrance of omniBEing: the process of self-discovery through presence with all that is, subtle sensations of the body, breath mind, heart & spirit.

His approach at Lunar Bliss will intertwine his vast experience with a focus on the profound benefits of breath control: enhancing life’s quality and deepening the appreciation of its nuances.

Join Dan at Lunar Bliss for an experience that promises more than just learning; it's a gateway to a more vibrant, clear-minded, and deeply connected way of living.

Additionally, he is also in service as a Natural Movement (MovNat) coach and instructor, men's circle and retreat facilitator, entheogen integration support, and yoga teacher.

“Realize Infinite Self-Love and Remember Limitless Potential” is his credo;

Service & Devotion in guiding Self-expansion and Self-integration is his vocation.

  • @cassandragiugno singer-songwriter

    "Lunar Bliss is an ethereal magical event where you can feel safe to relax and unwind your body and mind.Connect to consciousness arts like ecstatic dance, music, painting, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and so much more. A spiritual and creative safe space to explore your self-care, inner creativity, and self-expression...."

    Click here to find out more 
  • @Inner_insights Holistic Massage & Nutritionist

    "You 2 beautiful souls are a dynamic duo!

    Full of vibrancy, nurturing and so welcoming of everyone. I love how you encourage community involvement in your expressive arts and you radiate healthy happy creative play. A gem to our community"

    Founder of Inner Insights Holistic School & Spa est'd 1998

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Welcome to Studio SHIM

We are Shane & Kim, an award-winning, full-time artist couple who have been blissed with a sustainable and Devine union for 24 years. Our vibe is casual, eco-friendly, and uplifting.

At Studio Shim, we believe in the power of art, music, and community to bring people together. Our events are open to all, and we welcome everyone with a hug. We've heard through the grapevine that folks are really longing for those, and guess what? You don't have to be left out!

Our events feature Live music, art, ecstatic dance, comMOONity painting, and more.

When it comes to sustainability and social responsibility, Studio SHIM is making a positive impact. Through a range of eco-friendly practices, we reduce our environmental footprint. While we acknowledge that we're not perfect, we're making a difference. We've created an inclusive and welcoming, alcohol & substance free environment while supporting local businesses.

Experience Studio SHIM: Buy original Art, Commission a mural, Connect with our vibrant comMOONity and discover the magic of Lunar Bliss. We can't wait to see you soon!

Sacred Healing Intuitive Masterworks

Custom Art: The Perfect Way to Elevate Your Room's Ambiance

Integrating artwork into your living space is a smart decision that can significantly enhance the overall vibe of a room. Consider adding a custom mural or painting to make your space more personal and unique.

Companies we LOVE

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Cafezia Coffee ~ Enhances wellness with every sip


Cafézia Coffee adds the natural power of herbs to premium organic coffee to give you a clean, focused energy to support your mind and body without the negative effects traditionally experienced when drinking coffee. All the perks you love, without the ones you don’t.


We know you love your coffee because it gives you the energy you need to tackle your day! But it can come with some less-than-desirable side effects, like jitters and caffeine crashes - no thanks.

That’s why we add three powerful herbs to our coffee: cleavers, hyssop, and yerba mate.

They ensure you get a balanced and clear energy boost so that you can take on whatever the day brings.

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Culture Shock Kombucha ~ Making it easy for you to feel alive.

We're making it EASY for you to feel ALIVE

Because feeling alive doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it's easy and tasty too! Using our knowledge as Holistic Nutritionists we crafted a fun, fizzy authentic kombucha that's easy to incorporate into any lifestyle.  With just one can a day, you too will see how easy it is to feel Alive!


  • raw
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Conscious Water ~ Our Berkey

If you filter water with a Berkey >99.9% of all toxic herbicides and pesticides will be removed. Berkey reduces petroleum pollutants (including crude oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, and refined oil) by more than 99.9%



Earth Runners ~ Our Earthing Sandals

Reconnecting your feet to nature.

Alongside top health pioneers & primitive experts Earth Runners has created comfortable, adventure-approved earthing sandals.

  •  Vegan. No Animal products
  • Low impact dyed footbed, GOTS certified
  • Secure & free ergonomic laces
  • Copper & stainless steel earthing system grounds you to the Earth
  •  Made with Vibram® outsoles for a responsive sure footed experience


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ECOKIND ~ Make a difference with every clean

How It Works

Buy the bottle once. Refill forever.

No more plastic waste, Conscious Ingredients:

1. Fill the bottle with water 💧
2. Drop in an ECOKIND tablet 
3. Let it dissolve

A clean home shouldn't come at the cost of the environment, or exposing yourself and your loved ones to harsh chemicals.


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Meet Eden Tower, your compact hydroponic vertical garden. Enjoy nutrient-rich produce 365 days a year, regardless of seasons:

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The Tea Lounge ~ Order the LUNAR BLISS Blend

Come and experience the World of Tea!
Loose leaf teas by @beteasinc

Business Hours

  • Wed-Thu 11-4pm
  • Fri-Sun 11-5pm
  • closed Mon-Tue


Xero ~ Our Spring, Fall & Winter Boots

 Enjoy Natural Comfort

Genuine comfort comes from letting your feet do what's natural - bending, flexing, moving, feeling. Xero Shoes let them do that. Our customers say it's "life-changing." Find your new favorite shoes here...

Vegan Boots & Shoes


Here are a few things I take away from your events and philosophy.

"First of all it's the positive and welcoming spirit of the space and people.

You create a non-judgemental experience that makes all feel safe and included - allowing for people to also have solitary time if they wish. I believe that we can achieve deep meaningful solitary moments only when we are held in a safe space of community.

The environments you choose for your events are an important part of the process and you are mindful of how the space affects the dynamics of the experience - choosing places of peace and positive intention to help raise the success of application.

The focus on health and wellness is very important - with sobriety being an important part of finding connection through positive living. There is a balanced embracing of both mental and physical health - with movement and diet being a key part of the practice - as well as discussion and meditation.

Another integral element of the practice is nature and our relationship to the earth. Your work understands and facilitates the pathways of power and purity that link all things - recognizing that the sickness of society is the result of our disconnect with the living source - of which we are fundamentally part.

You also recognize the importance of music in the process of healing and apply it with great effect through both the organic and electronic mediums.

Beyond music is the therapeutic power of art - with live painting - a tactile experience that cultivates the artistic spirit - and offers the chance to build community through a shared creative project.

And at the core of your work is community - building from the ground up, supporting local with a mind to the greater globe.

It is an experience that no matter what your background, origin, system of beliefs - there is a thread of humanity the connects us to each other and all living beings." ~ Brent Jones