About us

Studio SHIM, is a collaboration of conscious Artistic endeavors between Life partners, Shane Wilcox and Kim Doerr. 

Our focus is towards being able to utilize our Natural talents and help ourselves, along with others to feel empowered and shine the positive Light that we all have an ability to do. 

photo credit: Whitney South

It's easy to see that things have gotten out of hand.... 


Our Economy has become too reliant on profitable exports and not enough focus put into small local business. Grassroots initiative promotes sustainable production and more evenly distributes contributions towards real growth to benefit the People, above large scale corporate investments. 

We're living in exciting times to see such a shift taking place! As Artists and all visionaries alike....  It's also easy to see the held back directions necessary for us to take that would bring more independence and inspire so much creativity within our Societies to evoke the great positive change we all deserve to see. Enough about "politics" though! This is really all about spreading Love.

Our work is positively themed in Naturality, upliftment, balance and movement. Kim creates beautiful pieces of eco-friendly jewelry with up-cycled materials. As well, all-natural essential products that are made with only ingredients which can be pronounced.

I mostly produce Art on canvas, board, or paper. Specializing in high detailed portraiture, but far from limited to any particular medium and style though. Also work with cakes, theater set painting, residential/commercial applications and much more.

Problem often is.... You spend so much time and effort, which often makes it difficult to sell originals for true value. So as independent Artists. It's never easy to properly express yourself and still pay the bills.

Our mission with an online store is to more effectively share some of what we have to offer. Artistic designs that will bring positivity to everyone who is part of the process through fair exchange. Making them far more accessible to obtain than the original piece.

We had to search very hard in order to maintain the level of integrity desired.
Supporting companies that care about more is integral. Last thing I want is to plaster my deep invested Soul's expression onto some cheaply made fabrics from some factory abroad with less than suitable working conditions and often known to exploit child labour. "Cheaper" clothes are not better.

After a great amount of searching! We finally found our perfect supplier.
They make absolutely everything in their production facility. From milling ethically acquired fabrics from down the street, eco-friendly printing process and inks, to properly compensating employees that are Happy while hand-sewing each custom made piece. This is super important because it attaches their positive energy into every article that goes out. We absorb the frequencies! Whether recognized, or not. Another important element was design. I didn't want to just take my images and simply print them on a shirt. Kim spends many hours, painstakingly producing a suitable composition from the original works that we've made available to reproduce in wear-able fashion.

Every item is made when ordered and sent straight from our production Team to You!!! Meaning, there is no wasteful creation of items that just sit around waiting to be sold. In rare cases of a misprint? The clothing is then donated to local shelters. Everything is done with utmost Ethicacy in mind. This is what our World needs and you can feel the Natural Mystic in the air.It's an absolutely honour to share with those who care  Supporting independent Arts means everything to the unhindered advancement of our full potentials that are just basically starting to be tapped into.

In closing I would like to say. Massive thanks to All that look beyond the confines of force fed labels to see the real beauty sprouting up from underneath suffocating banners.

There's so much Beauty all around us in the most simple of things when we open up. We are proud to be focused on it too.

Keep Shining
Much Peace, Love & Light
Shane & Kim