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Lunar Bliss is an ethereal magical event where you can feel safe to relax and unwind your body and mind. Connect to consciousness arts like ecstatic dance, music, painting, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and so much more. A spiritual and creative safe space to explore your self-care, inner creativity, and self-expression.

The name “Lunar Bliss” speaks for itself: I’ve attended many of their events and I feel I’m in complete utter BLISS every single time -an amazing feeling of freedom, tranquility, & connection to community! I recommend introducing your friends to Lunar Bliss and bringing them with you for even more fun! It is also a wonderful place to connect with the full moon. Intuitively dance and sing under the moon and FEEL! One of my most memorable experiences is dancing outside under the supermoon at Quiet Earth Farm and experiencing sound healing yoga in a beautiful 100 year old barn. Documenting my experiences through photo and video has made it even more special for me.

If you’re an artist, on a wellness journey, or you’re interested in learning more about consciousness arts - I highly recommend Lunar Bliss!

Shane and Kim are compassionate facilitators and I promise you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the beauty of nature, human connection, and healing arts🤍🌿🎶🧘🏻‍♀️🌝✨ positive and healing energy all around! 5 stars!” @cassandragiugno singer-songwriter

@cassandragiugno singer-songwriter


"You 2 beautiful souls are a dynamic duo!

Full of vibrancy, nurturing and so welcoming of everyone. I love how you encourage community involvement in your expressive arts and you radiate healthy happy creative play. A gem to our community"

Founder of Inner Insights Holistic School & Spa est'd 1998


Here are a few things I take away from Lunar Bliss and Studio SHIM's philosophy.

First of all it's the positive and welcoming spirit of the space and people. You create a non-judgemental experience that makes all feel safe and included - allowing for people to also have solitary time if they wish. I believe that we can achieve deep meaningful solitary moments only when we are held in a safe space of community.

The environments you choose for your events are an important part of the process and you are mindful of how the space affects the dynamics of the experience - choosing places of peace and positive intention to help raise the success of application.

The focus on health and wellness is very important - with sobriety being an important part of finding connection through positive living. There is a balanced embracing of both mental and physical health - with movement and diet being a key part of the practice - as well as discussion and meditation.

Another integral element of the practice is nature and our relationship to the earth. Your work understands and facilitates the pathways of power and purity that link all things - recognizing that the sickness of society is the result of our disconnect with the living source - of which we are fundamentally part.

You also recognize the importance of music in the process of healing and apply it with great effect through both the organic and electronic mediums.

Beyond music is the therapeutic power of art - with live painting - a tactile experience that cultivates the artistic spirit - and offers the chance to build community through a shared creative project.

And at the core of your work is community - building from the ground up, supporting local with a mind to the greater globe.

Lunar Bliss is an experience that no matter what your background, origin, system of beliefs - there is a thread of humanity the connects us to each other and all living beings.

A msg from Brent Jones

Engineer, Producer, Steward Quiet Earth