Experience diverse forms of cultural expression through an afternoon of visual and performing arts at Museum London.
Live painting, belly dancing, Mexican boleros, a saxophone duet and a 64-square-foot collective mosaic inspired by the Blackfriar Bridge are some of the artistic expressions available for the public to enjoy free of charge on February 18th at Museum London.
Each artist featured through the showcase is a member of the Simple Reflections for Artists collective - founded to remove barriers for local artists seeking opportunities to showcase their talents. Digital art by Diego Tamayo of Colombia, mixed media by Amsa Yaro of Nigeria, Latin beats by Latin Power Band of Cuba, Mexico and Colombia and piano by Brent Jones of Middlesex County are among the many artistic expressions to be featured.
Simple Reflections for Artists started 5 years ago in 2019, when Museum London accommodated a group of artists who were rained out of their first outdoor festival. The non-profit collective has held many successful events since, thanks to the generosity of venues such as Museum London, Covent Garden Market and the London Music Hall of Fame. The events are run exclusively by volunteer artists and their supporters.
“When I was growing up in rural El Salvador, festivals were always a result of collective community effort, with each person contributing what they could. This is true of many cultures, and it is the spirit of collaboration among diverse local artists and organizations that makes each Simple Reflections event possible,” says Simple Reflections for Artists founder Dario Novoa.
The February 18th cultural showcase would not be possible without the generous support of Museum London, the Digital Creative Art Centre, the Forest City London Music Awards, the Ontario Art Council and Downtown London.



MARCH 2, 2023 @ CHE


Just in time for the slow thaw, the Richmond Psychedelic Super Show is coming to melt your brain into your soul via your ear portals. Prism Tape Philosophy takes the stage at 9 pm, followed by Odd Man Out, with Captain Cancel and the Postpones closing out the night. It doesn't matter if you take the red pill or the blue pill - join us and go down the rabbit hole for a night of copious mind bending jams at the historic Richmond Tavern.

Cover is $5, consciousness expansion comes at no extra charge



PORTAL opens for the Libra Full Moon on Friday March 10, a gorgeous symbol of balance and prioritizing what is essential for your happiness, healing, growth and expansion in 2023.
If you have been with us before or are brand new to these enchanting and light enhancing experiences, we invite you to join us for an evening of accessing the ecstatic within.
Together as co-creators of the PORTAL, we will share in the ceremonial blessing and receiving of Cacao, a raw chocolate elixir that open the heart to experience greater levels of it’s radiance and compassion, and collectively open the event through unified intention and chant.
We will then enter into our delicious wild expression through dance, movement and utilizing the whole body’s desire to experience itself, however that looks…to an ecstatic DJ set with SoundBauer.
We ground all our passion, play and pleasure back into the body of the Earth and ourSelves at the end of the evening with a grounding sound journey with Francesca of Sacred Earth Sounds allowing our experiences from the evening to land in us prior to our weekends beginning.
Live painting with @studioshim capturing the night’s magic and creating memories through their art will be happening throughout.
PORTAL is a grateful offering to Gaia and the return of the world’s soul and we would be honoured by your Presence and participation🌹
Advance tickets $30
Door price $40
Tickets can be purchase by e-transfer to with your name and email in the notes for confirmation
Blessings and Warmth Lights,

March 25, 2023 ~ PRIVATE EVENT