Day totes, cases & shorts. Oh My!

Day totes, cases & shorts. Oh My!

I'm well over due to let you know what we've been up to in our humble studio. 

Placed an order with our amazing Canadian manufacture less than 10 days ago & guess what? I received the order from our  mail man on Friday! Thanks Richard. 

Since then, we've been busy in the studio taking photos of the new products...



Our tote-ally awesome bags are made with super soft & stretchy neoprene. As with all of our products, we're hand sewn in Canada. For your safety we've also included an adjustable seat belt strap.
You can place an order for natural cotton if you prefer.
The 4 thread security stitch is the same used in our leggings, capris & shorts. These bags are made for day to day durability with strong metal hardware and professional bar tacking.
This would make a perfect gift set with day tote & case.
Better yet treat yourself!

To match or not.... that is the question. 

But you can feel good knowing that your money is staying local. When you make a purchase with us, we support community businesses right back. We have for many years and will continue. This is not a trend but a lifestyle. 


Made with poly-twill printed outer fabric shell and lined with natural artist canvas
Measures 9" by 4 with black side tab & YKK zipper manufactured in Montreal.
We call them pencil cases but they are quite the versatile pouch.
  • makeup bags
  • change purses
  • phone holders
  • craft organizers and more...

My Grandma keeps her glasses in a bright case making them harder to misplace.


Next, we have the Chillin' series.

Athletic crop top with mini shorts.  

  • Made from 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear manufactured in Canada. The perfect quick-dry suit.
  • I've wore the crop tops & no wet shirt here!

  • Wicks away moisture which is great for those hot days ahead.

  • Just remember we are slow fashion, it can take anywhere from 10 - 20 days to receive an order. Depends on size and location but worth the wait! 

 Our shorts and mini shorts are work-out and sports friendly so put them to the test for yoga, the beach, dancing or under skirt shorts.

Check out the sizing charts below.

If you're in-between sizes I would recommend ordering the next size or if you plan on loosing, order down. You can always contact us for any questions you may have. Don't forget this is athletic performance compression quality. Won't lose shape or fade. 







It has been very important to keep our clothing chemical free including scents. We have not sprayed the clothes to maintain freshness & they're made when ordered. No one else has worn or tried them on.
You'll always be #1!
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