Happily Unmarried for 23 years

Happily Unmarried for 23 years

We often find that people perceive our lack of commitment because we have chosen to go against the societal norms of getting married. This couldn't be further from the truth.

For us, being unmarried is an affirmation of the love and commitment that we have for my partner - not a lack thereof. In today's society, marriage is held up as a marker of permanence and security in relationships, but this does not necessarily reflect the reality.

Some couples who are not married are just as dedicated to one another and just as deeply in love as their married counterparts, if not more so! There's no ‘ring on it’ needed for us to show our commitment and how much we care about each other – we already demonstrate this every single day through our actions. What matters most at the end of the day is what two individuals have between them and what kind of bond they have forged.

That is why being happily unmarried for 23 years has been a great journey – it has given us time to develop our relationship and to form something meaningful, special and unique without having any external expectations or pressures upon us. So while many may assume otherwise, know that my unmarried status has never been indicative of my devotion or commitment towards my partner – if anything, it is a reflection of it!

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