Ontario Vegan Magazine, Featured Health Transformation

Ontario Vegan Magazine, Featured Health Transformation

Shane Wilcox & Kim Doerr, better known as Studio SHIM. 

Happily unmarried since 2000, and rocking a Vegan lifestyle for almost 3 years. This amazing journey has brought us an incredibly positive transformation of Mind, Spirit and Body, and we are always excited to share inspiration with others. 

Like most people, we grew up surrounded by meat and dairy products, and family members working in these industries. Did we ever go hungry? No, and for that we are grateful. But we both wondered why people loved some animals, while consuming others, knowing these sentient beings feel pain like any dog or cat. 

Around 2009, we were totally addicted to most things fast and convenient. We both weighed over 180 lbs, and our health began to suffer, so we agreed to focus on making changes. The first to go were processed foods, as we began eating only fresh and locally sourced. We started working out three times a week, experiencing great results. However, we felt that we were just racing to undo the damage caused by continued consumption of animal products.

Fast Forward to 2015, and we've stuck to eating only fresh, local foods. During a financially difficult period, we were guided to make even more sustainable choices, and began looking into plant-based foods. Realizing that we could get every important nutrient from rice, beans, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, roots & dark leafy greens was life-changing.

While health and financial considerations were the starting points of our journey, our many organic connections naturally propelled us toward becoming proud Vegans. We watched enlightening documentaries, and began enjoying awesome Vegfests. However, the most compelling experience was volunteering with a local sanctuary, Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, which gave us a chance to connect directly with those beautiful Beings who wish to live in harmony with us. Another experience was with London Chicken Save, where we watched crammed trucks delivering chickens (some already gone) for their last moments. This moved us away from consuming other beings entirely. 

Which brings us to present day! We are both maintaining a healthy BMI by eating clean, avoiding alcohol, and remaining active. Pains and aches are minimal, and we are feeling better than ever! Awakening for us was realizing that eating other beings - and causing them pain - is unnecessary, and that there is a better way for them, for us, and for our planet! 

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