From snow to fire & blossoms...

From snow to fire & blossoms...

What a difference a week can make!
We tried to warn City Officials with our Social media and report but there was nothing else we could do to stop this from happening.
Here's a video from April 27, 2020
We're ranting and walking...
Video from April 28, 2020

From snow to blossoms & fire... 

Our neighborhood garden made the 6 o'clock news last night and unfortunately not for anything good. 

You can see where the garden structures used to be in the photo below.
Funny thing, if you walk around the forest like we do. There is dried wood on the ground everywhere. Never a reason to burn these from the sacred garden.
A few days more and they would be all gone OR maybe there would have been a much larger blaze.
Want to see the what they used to look like? Check out this CTV link










 Also, do you remember this space by the Dillabough Gardens? We cleaned it earlier this month.

and we will clean it again! So one tent, doesn't turn into 2, 3 and 4 ... 
The pic above used to hold a watering structure. It got tagged and Shane took the initiative to cover it up with some Peace, Love and Happiness. One day the plastic tank left, now it provides a table for drug paraphernalia in a green space. 
To every issue, there is an answer. We have many ideas and we're sure you do to!
Want to help us help others? With every purchase at we give back and provide help within our community.  Unless, right? 
We'll be organizing a clean and hike.  Email or comment below if you would like to attend. 
Be safe. We LOVE You!
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