Purple Moose at The Pickle with a Falcon and Owl.

Purple Moose at The Pickle with a Falcon and Owl.


Happy 4th Anniversary

 Purple Moose Sock Company 

Today we we're invited to set up in Old East Village at The Pickle Social Lounge. Huge Thanks for everyone involved with this event today, including those behind the scene. We both loved the accessibility of the venue. 

SaltHaven was going to be making an appearance with a surprise guest between 11 to 1pm. Only 2 hours to wait...  

Today we met the very handsome boy, Chaukar. A beautiful Lagger Falcon & Ambassador with SaltHaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre 

From SaltHavens website,  Here's the story of Chaukar... 

Photos by Shane Wilcox

"a species native to East India and as such is not releasable here in Ontario, where Salthaven is located. Laggar falcons are listed as near threatened species in their native range due to pesticide use, habitat destruction, and trapping intended for the related Saker falcon. Chaukar escaped his first owner, a falconer, with his leash still attached to him. When he landed in a tree, the leash wrapped around a branch and held him captive long enough that he was severely dehydrated and emaciated by the time he arrived at Salthaven needing help. His condition was touch and go for a whilee. The little but mighty Chaukar eventually pulled through, and after training he now bears the title of Salthaven Wildlife Ambassador." 

On February 26 The Pickle Social Club posted this on Facebook...

"We are excited to share that Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre Inc. will be joining us come Saturday! Pst... we hear they are bringing something special  Come see what it could be then

Where I responded with....
"Hoooo hooooo .... Owl "

Maybe a minor concussion from hitting a window. Don't worry. 

At this point we were both in awe. 

What we had wished for and put there out, actually came true. Obviously would've liked for it to be under better circumstances but still,

I got to see an owl!

Our hearts so full with the love from the Old East Community continued.
Buying local does matter. We appreciate everyone that made it out today


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