Streetside Sunfest Duo is NOW Available

Streetside Sunfest Duo is NOW Available

Painted this live on Dundas place during the pandemic when SunFest was hosting an event outside Che Restobar in London, Canada.

This is the first collaboration Shane and Kimberly have worked on outside of the studio, made possible Thanks to London Arts Council.  Huge fan of the energy and colour.

It was a pop up event and had a couple doors from our cabinets hanging around. You know what we did... 

Prime, paint, reuse, and renew!!! 

The way this  work hangs on the wall makes you feel like your street side enjoying the vibes.

Can you feel it?

Streetside Sunfest Duo is now available for purchase.

2 live paintings 15.5" x 42.5" 

Acrylic on upcycled kitchen doors

Painted streetside in the rain by Shane & Kim, Studio SHIM 

London, Ontario Canada

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