What a week!

What a week!

Exactly, what a week!!!

Full moon, mercury retrograde and balancing our life as an artist, producer, musician, radio show creator, permaculture gardener, sustainable forager, home keeper, upcycler, chef, composter, rain water collector, local supporter, small business owner, designer and manager. Truly living our best life. It's not always easy but totally worth it!

We crushed last weeks list. Lil' tip... if it takes 2 minutes, just do it now!  But as one thing gets wiped off the to-do list often another three arrive. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and end up doing nothing instead. Do you have the same feels? How do you manage? When we start to feel weighed down ...  Mother Nature is always there to heal, help and refocus.

Truly love pursueing a creative & natural path and will start sharing more of who we are, how we live and what you're supporting with your purchases on www.studioshim.ca 

Starting today and every Monday (commited now 😍) , we'll show you some pics of the week. Similar to a random box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get. And after sharing with you, Kim will clean off the device and start fresh, checking one of the list. WooHoo!!!

What did you do this week? This and that 👇 











And in other news,.. 

Tomorrow, it's Shane's aka TaToE's radio show called Sound Sculpting Sessions, on PeturbRadio.com at 8PM EST.

Visit the event page for more details.

And for the finale ... we have a NEW unisex item arriving on July 1st. Any ideas what it will be??? 

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