Dān Andronescu - Breath Cultivation: The Omni Being Experience


At Lunar Bliss, Dan, an adept in breathwork and yoga for over 12 years, invites participants to an immersive journey towards gratitude, optimal breathing, and self-exploration. His session, integrating meditation and functional breathing, is designed not only to educate but also to enhance longevity, vitality, mental clarity, and deepen self-connection.

Dan’s path in breathwork and yoga has been marked by personal transformation and a commitment to sharing these empowering practices. He has led breathwork sessions at various retreats and festivals, captivating audiences of over 80 participants, and has trained more than 80 instructors. His expertise lies in creating a space where collective energy and introspection thrive.

Beyond facilitating large groups, Dan’s passion lies in fostering tools for self-discovery and integration. He believes in sharing and activating the remembrance of omniBEing: the process of self-discovery through presence with all that is, subtle sensations of the body, breath mind, heart & spirit.

His approach at Lunar Bliss will intertwine his vast experience with a focus on the profound benefits of breath control: enhancing life’s quality and deepening the appreciation of its nuances.

Join Dan at Lunar Bliss for an experience that promises more than just learning; it's a gateway to a more vibrant, clear-minded, and deeply connected way of living.

Additionally, he is also in service as a Natural Movement (MovNat) coach and instructor, men's circle and retreat facilitator, entheogen integration support, and yoga teacher.

“Realize Infinite Self-Love and Remember Limitless Potential” is his credo;

Service & Devotion in guiding Self-expansion and Self-integration is his vocation.

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