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Studio SHIM

Lunar Bliss: POLLINATE, Extend your Full Moon Stay

Lunar Bliss: POLLINATE, Extend your Full Moon Stay

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This ticket includes a kind donation to the land and all the evening activities included in the POLLINATION Ticket PLUS with camping under the Full Moon at Quiet Earth.  The next morning, relax & move with music in the barn, enjoy freshly brewed Cafezia Coffee & Tea while the sun rises. 

If you are feeling abundant, tips are welcomed for all our hard work and to donate back to the land., sliding scale $55+

We kindly ask all attendees to respect the space and leave no trace.

Come join us at Lunar Bliss POLLINATE at Quiet Earth for a memorable night & morning of relaxation, connection, and community. We can't wait to welcome you.

If you have financial barriers or any questions, email for help or discount code.  All welcome (e-transfer available)

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